Euro 2020 Motor Racing: Hamilton last race with McLaren

The 27-years-old Englishman Lewis Hamilton never made any secret of the fact that his last race for McLaren would be an emotional closure. Or that he wanted to sign off with a victory to back up his wonderful triumph the previous week in Texas.

He has scored all of his 21 grand prix victories, and taken his 26 pole positions and 12 fastest laps, with the team he joined at the age of 13. “I’ve made friendships here that I know will last for life,” he said. “But life is about challenge. I don’t so much feel like I’m leaving home to go to university, more that I’m leaving university to go to my first job. Mercedes will be a huge challenge, but I feel I’m ready for it”.

I’ve had a great time. I think McLaren will always be my home. I’ll always look at it as my home, it’s where I’ve come from, and so going back there would be nice one day. But I want to go and experience some things along the way.”

Before the race he thought that crossing the finish line for the last time in a McLaren would be sad. “But it’s also going to be a beautiful thing in many ways as well, because I’m going to start a new chapter in my life.”

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