Cameroun Roger Milla: Emotions are identical in pro and amateur

Bursting with natural talent and famed for his bulldozing runs and eye for goal, Roger Milla had the complete package as a striker and remains one of the greatest players Africa has ever produced.

His long career finally came to an end 15 years ago, but he remains a passionate fan of the game and recently shared his insights on modern football with

The Cameroonian legend, who won admirers at three separate FIFA World Cups™, spoke about the development of the global game in all its various forms. A roving ambassador for his native country, Milla is also patron of the Coeur d’Afrique (Heart of Africa) foundation, which uses football to help tackle social problems.

Roger Milla: Football’s been a part of me since my early childhood. I used to chase a ball whenever I got a chance, either in the street or on the playground. I signed my first licence as a player with Eclair de Douala at the age of 13. That was a real springboard for me because, five years later, I found myself in the national championship playing in the team of one of the best clubs in the country, Leopard de Douala.

I’m crazy about sport, so of course I follow womens football, In terms of technique, the women’s game basically has no reason to be jealous of the men’s. Its growth has been fantastic. For example, I followed our national team at the Olympic Tournament in London this summer and, despite their elimination in the first round, they clearly have talented players for the future. he added.

For the legend footballer, a young player needs humility and modesty. Those are important qualities if they want to break through in football and set theirself apart from the rest. The notion of respect is essential.

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