Euro 2020 Premier League : Marouane Fellaini apologizes for his headbutt! -Video-

Marouane Fellaini during the match between Stoke City and Everton (1-1), sent a headbutt to Ryan Shawcross.

That headbutt escaped the referee! But the gesture of the Belgian international was filmed – it has been removed from Youtube.
This is risky!

He just apologized today!

“I apologize to Ryan Shawcross, my teammates and our fans. There was a lot of pushes and draws in large rectangle Stoke, and I did not feel protected by the arbitrators. Whatever it is, I would never have done what I did. “

“I also want to apologize to our coach and staff. I have no excuse, I was disappointed with the way I was treated and I lost my composure, which is absolutely not professional “

Watch here :

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