Africa Sofiane Feghouli: he wants to join the Algerian team later!

The Algerian international Sofiane Feghouli wants to arrive in South Africa later than his mates, on January 6.

An internship starts tomorrow in Algiers. He has not seen his contract with Valencia and he would just shut it up.

Here is his statement:

“My wish is to join the national team a few days late in possession of all my physical and psychological means to give everything for my country as I have done every time you needed me (…) Today, I am faced with a dilemma that I have not extended my contract with my club. On the one hand, if I join the selection January 2 without prolonged Valencia, I might land in South Africa decreased psychologically leaving my future club pending (…) If I set my situation with my club I am obliged to stay a few extra days in Valencia, which I will lose the early stage of the national team in South Africa “

“I was looking forward to see Afcon, for which I am ready to give my best with my brothers of the national team, to enable Algeria to be part of the best teams of Africa and to make the Algerian people happy”

To be continued …

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