Euro 2020 Motor race 2013: F1 cars are the same?

Stefano Domenicali the boss of the team  has admitted that Ferrari’s new car will look similar to the 2012 model.

“From an aesthetic point of view, it won’t be very different from the 2012 car,” Domenicali said.
The 2013 season as teams focus on the transition to the radical new V6 engine rules for 2014 by appearing to be in the trend of Formula 1.

Fighting for the title

“Interesting developments” quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport in the exhaust area, while Ferrari is now pushing “the boundary of the regulations.”

“Since I assume that we will be fighting for the title, this is not a possibility for us,” said Domenicali. 
“Since the budgets and manpower are limited by the rules, this is a very delicate task,” Domenicali admitted the 2013 contender will be arguably tougher than ever before.

He said the team will simultaneously focus on winning the 2013 world championship with a 2012-like set of rules, and prepare for the all-new turbo era.

“I’m also assuming that some teams in the summer of 2013 will abandon the development of their (2013) project or severely restrict it, if the title is out of reach”.

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