Africa Africa Top Sports Awards 2012 : African champion of the year, Daniel Teklehaimanot

The verdict is in!  And it is Basile Boli coming to unveil! Daniel Teklehaimanot was appointed African champion of the year!

You have been thousands of users to vote via the website Africa Tops French and English Version-through mobile apps on the site – optimized version of the Android mobile apps and iPhone, and via the websites of our two partners, Moov Togo and Télé sud. These votes have lasted over ten weeks and passed across Africa but also in Europe and the United States where the site is accessed by the diaspora.

Congratulations to Daniel Teklehaimanot. In 2013, he wants to win the big races in Africa and Europe.

Congratulations to him and his federation is also in the spotlight!

Daniel Teklehaymanot Girmazion was born the 10 November 1988 in Dbarwa, the captal town of the Dbarwa District, (Eritrea).

Daniel Teklehaymanot Girmazion is a professional road racing cyclist from Eritrea. One of the best cyclists in Africa, member of the team Orica Green EDGE. He finished 146th at his first biggest race : The Vuelta (Spain tour).

Career :
2007 :   1st in Stage 6 Tour of Eritrea, Keren (ERI)

2008 :  1st in National Championship, Road, Elite, Eritrea (ERI)

2009  :   1st in Stage 1 Tour of Eritrea, Mendefera (ERI)
2009 :    1st in Stage 3 Tour of Eritrea, Massawa (ERI)

2010 :     1st in Stage 2 Coupe des nations Ville Saguenay, U23, La Baie (CAN)
2010 :    1st in African Championship, Road, ITT, Elite
2010  :   1st in African Championship, Road
2010  :   1st in Stage 2 Tour de Rwanda, Byumba (RWA)
2010  :   1º in General Classification Tour de Rwanda (RWA)

2011  :   1st in Stage 4 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo, Lambaréne (GAB)
2011    : 1st in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Eritrea, Asmara (ERI)
2011  :   1st in Stage 1 Kwita Izina, Kinigi (RWA)
2011   :  1st in Stage 2 Kwita Izina, Gisenyi (RWA)
2011  :   1st in Stage 3 Kwita Izina, Kigali (RWA)
2011   :  1st in General Classification Kwita Izina (RWA)
2011   :  1st in Stage 5 Tour of Algeria, Chrea (ALG)
2011   :  1st in African Championship, Road, TTT, Asmara  + Natnael Teweldemedhin Berhane, Fregalsi Abrha Debesay,Jani Tewelde Weldegaber,
2011  :   1st in African Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Asmara

2012  :   1º in National Championship, Road, ITT, Elite, Eritrea, Asmara (ERI)

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  1. congraluation Daniel, indeed you are a the hope for many african young athlets. You are the the hope for the new world of cycle without doping and betraying the idea of sport

  2. Congratulations Daniel!!! I wish you all the best for the Coming Games!

  3. Reply Post By Tedros Tesfamariam

    Congrutulation are one of the best riders in african.So GOD bless you

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