Asia Tennis : Serena’s comfort ability in Dubai

The stars of the WTA have been talking about everything from Serena’s return to No.1, Flavia’s return to action and why going to Dubai means you’ve really made it. Read all about it right here.

Serena Williams,On why she feels better in Dubai this week than in Doha last week……

“I was really, really, really sick last week. I wasn’t at my best. I couldn’t train. I practiced like one or two days before playing because I had the ankle problems, but I thought at least I could show up and play my way into shape and just compete, and that’s what I did. I feel so much better this week already – I feel like a completely different athlete and a completely different person compared to last week.”

On Dubai: “It’s the one tournament I said I really want to do well in this year. It’s a city everyone feels like they should come to. You feel like you’ve made it if you’ve made it to Dubai. At least where I’m from in the Western part of the world, it’s the city you want to travel to, like, ‘Wow, you’ve been to Dubai, no way, what is it like? I heard they have all these buildings and malls.’ So it’s really a top place to go to.”

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