Basile BOLI Basile Boli: I hope to have a happy hand for OM!

Wednesday, I’ll be sure to follow at the Parc des Princes the knockout against Paris Saint-Germain to Marseille in the Coupe de France.

I hope that this time, OM takes its revenge! Not a second defeat on guys! I also hope that luck will smile more for the Phoenicians. Because yesterday, the PSG has been far from convincing, Beckham and the Zlatan were really winnable …

As if I’ve always said since the beginning of the season that OM should change its direction, so I’m sure Tapie My President – I always call like that … will help the club to find sponsors in order to have all his ambitions next season, I hope the draw of the quarterfinals of the Coupe de France will be favorable to the club.

I will do it at the end of the match with the host Nathalie Simon!

Go Marseille, I have a happy hand, I promise, but you should qualify!

Basile Boli. 25.2/2013

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