Football “Zlataner” will not enter the dictionary!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become a true phenomenon in France this season. The Swedish player has left his mark on the football, but also the language.
“Zlataner”, a word that is owed to the former AC Milan player for the ball game will not unbeatable enter the dictionary.
The verb “zlataner” has made a big splash a few months in discussions of countertops, school playgrounds, sports fields, newspapers, sports programs on television … But it will not find its way into dictionaries at least this year. Already in the Swedish dictionary, it will therefore have to wait in France.
According to reports, the verb “zlataner,” inspired by the PSG star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which means win hands down” but also “Savater” does not incorporate the 2014 Petit Robert, or the Oxford Dictionary in 2014.
“The term is in our observation, a period that can last up to five years. This word is funny, but it may be just a fad, “says Carine Girac-Mariner, director of dictionaries and encyclopedias Larousse Editions.
“It was clearly identified, but it was decided that it was about to disappear as quickly as it had appeared. It is therefore wise to wait, “smiled the linguist Alain Rey, editorial advisor of Robert Editions;

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