Africa Exclusive Africa Sports Top / FTF: The 1st Vice-President Piza “convened a meeting” Video

Always expected at the headquarters of the Togolese Football Federation announced for meeting deadlines awaiting Togo, especially in the context of the third day of qualifying for the World Cup of football, the president of the FTF, Gabriel Ameyi would still shine with his absence.

The information was revealed to our editors by the vice-president of the FTF, Herve Piza: “On Thursday we have an important meeting, me as first vice president of the FTF, I wanted to deal with the most pressing. So I called a meeting for a short summary of this Afcon…. a moral and financial report, above all a budget mainly to play the match against Cameroon on March 23 “

Watch our exclusive interview with the Vice-President of the FTF


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