Africa Togo / Tchanilé Tchakala: Didier Six has “plagued the team”

The delivery of the Togolese national coach, Didier Six at the last Afcon played in South Africa is still debated.

The French coach is accused by his assistant of “having plagued the team,” according to the website republicoftogo. Didier Six was, according to the same source, predicted certain defeat against the Togolese Tunisia. “He had made every effort to ensure that the Togolese team is eliminated. This would explain, according Tchakala, arbitration disastrous, “writes the site.

“Six has not digested the fact that a member of the FTF tells him he should leave Togo at the end of the Afcon,” said Tchanilé Tchakala.

Eliminated in the quarter-finals of the competition, the senior national team of Togo (Captain Emmanuel Adebayor and Kossi Agassa among others) has unanimously condemned the coaching staff.

“The coach was not an asset,” this little sentence of the Tottenham striker is the unhealthy atmosphere that reigns in the camp of the Hawks. Didier Six, despite the criticism, reaffirms his commitment to continue as the national coach of Togo.

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