Africa Number of the day 12-1, record score for a match in the Cup CAF Confederation

Facing inexperience Desportivo Guadalupe Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon Us Bitam’s took the opportunity to set a record in the Confederation Cup Africa.

12-1: This is the final score of the preliminary leg of the competition between the two teams.

5: Franck Guedegbe Corbin has single-handedly recorded a fivefold.

17: This is the total of goals conceded by Desportivo Guadalupe against Bitam on both games.

In the first leg, the Gabonese inflicted a stinging 5-0 to Saotoméens.

U.S. Bitam (Gabon) vs. Desportivo Guadalupe (Sao Tom and Principe) 12-1 (Agg: 17-1)

(5 ‘, 11’, 25 ‘, 38’, 72 ‘Franck Guedegbe Corbin, 55’, 57 ‘Yembi Arnold, 65’, 90 ‘Juior Abyang, 88 Alex Essono, 90’ Minto’o Mvé – 67 ‘Vanderley Miranda)


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