Africa World Cup 2014: Gustavo Ferrin, “The draw against Senegal is a good result for us!”

Gustavo Ferrin, the coach of Angola is happy with the draw yesterday wrenched at the last minute against Senegal.

Coach, how  do you find this 1-1 draw against Senegal?

But it is a good result. We could be even better if the referee had not refused a blatant penalty. But it is always good not to lose. Because Senegal was supposed to be the strongest team on the field and also terms the individualies. Yet we managed to outwit them with a team that had a lot of missings.
Nevertheless, this is the third draw for Angola in three days in these playoffs?

The most important thing for me is not to lose. I assure you that my team is too young. Some players play in the championship of Angola which has not yet started. Therefore, they are being compared to the Senegalese players. We even found our game in the second half time. Now it will work better to achieve a better return.

What was decisive in this match?

The Senegalese template has been beneficial to my team. The absences Manucho and others me were favorable in the sense that young people were motivated to compete on equal or even dominate Senegal. We could well win this game here. But the referee denying us the penalty has prevented us from winning. We will prepare well for the return leg. The team will sharpen legs.

Interview by O.Diarra (Africa Top sports in Conakry)

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