Gossip Swimming / Champions of France: The Tunisian Mathlouthi dominates the 400m NL

The swimming championship of France is in full swing in the pool of Rennes since Monday. The Tunisian Ahmed Mathlouthi won the 400m freestyle in 3’49” 06.

He beat the Frenchman Benoît Debast. But it is the islander who won the title of champion of France in 3’51” 86.

Malthlouthi can be satisfied with his race since he realized the minimum qualification for the World Championships in Barcelona (NDRL, 3’49” 55).

Champion of France, Desbat  will not be in the pool in Barcelona (July 28 to August 4) at this distance. He will try to get a ticket to Barcelona on his specialty, the 1500m.

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