Africa Alain Giresse: a new role at the head of the Senegalese football!

Double cap for Giresse now. The coach of the Lions of Teranga is given a new mission: that of the boss of the Elite Department of the Senegalese national technical direction. It is Mayacine Mar, the DTN, who revealed the information.
He presents here the new role of Giresse.

“I try to ensure that the National Technical Director is the expression of the technical needs of the Senegalese football. That is why I worked on four departments. Iit is about the elite department that contains all the national coaches, supervisors (spywares of the national teams), the pole Goalkeeper trainers and the physical trainers. This department is headed by Alain Giresse and his role is to reflect on all that is elite football. He will attend the clubs involved in African competitions, program and evaluate the training preparation and the development of national teams, to ensure the development of players playing in Senegal as well as outside. But also to ensure the harmonization of styles and game organization of youth national teams and the elite. We must reflect on the philosophy and the direction of the game from the national team to the base. To issue an opinion on the approval and recording of the competition grounds, to grant technical assistance to Ligue 1 and 2 and National N°1 and 2. This department headed by Alain (Giresse) has a whole program set up: especially the harmonization of the working methods of the national teams. We must get to have the same step from Team A to the other selections. Giresse will realize with the national coaches. “

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