Africa OM / Romao: “If we are second, it is because we get the quality”

Olympique de Marseille would like to keep its momentum to keep its second place synonymous with the Champions League. The final sprint is likely to be a fierce for qualifying tickets to Europe.

The Phoenicians are keen on holding the second place in the standings. According to observers, the OM plays bad but deserves its place on the podium. At Six days to the championship, Marseille will certainly not change their style of play.

“I can understand that observers and fans expect more from us at this level,” said Romao in the columns of the Team.
“But we must not forget that the OM had a difficult season and there was a lot of movement in recent months. If we rank second that is also because there is quality in this group even though we, too, would like to do better. But today, we should take pride in what can be produce, because the results follow and that is what matters. In a few weeks we will remember the final standings, “added the Togolese international.

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