Europe Borussia Dortmund 4! Real Madrid 1! The goals in video of festival R.Lewandowski

4 goals to 1! If Bayern gave a correction last night to Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions League 4-0 (review the goals), another German club, Borrussia Dortmund makes a demonstration against another Spanish club, Real Madrid.

If the score was a 1-1 draw at halftime, the Germans’ goal by R. Lewandowski (8th) .For Real: Cristiano Ronaldo (43th) – the second half time gave rise to a German festival signed R. Lewandowski!

Jose Mourinho said yesterday to be very sure of the qualification of his team in the final …

He scored three more goals in the 50th, 55th and 67th minute!

The Germans are really the kings of Europe this year! Are we headed to a final Bayern Munich-Borrusia Dortmund?

Spanish clubs will have difficulty to reverse the situation …

Here are the five goals of the match





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