Football Jose Mourinho: Slap! What a missed season!

Jose Mourinho was convinced that Real Madrid would qualify for the final of the Champions League … he took a good slap; his team has been ridiculed by four goals to one by the great Borussia Dortmund. – Review the goals-

José Mourinho who announced his departure from Spain has really missed all this season. Can he bounce back to Chelsea as Didier Drogba wants?

“We saw tonight on the field a team that was clearly superior to ours. We saw a team physically and mentally overwhelming. It is definitely the best team that won tonight. The goals we conceded were the result of our mistakes. I do not know if there was an offside on the second, I have not seen the pictures, so I cannot judge, I do not know if there was penalty. The result should not be 4-1 but rather 2-1 or 3-1, but what is certain, and I repeat that the best team won on the ground. The German football is a very good football but the Spanish football is still Spanish, you cannot judge a game. Nothing is impossible, the hope still exists, the story is not over yet and I expect my players to show it next week. “

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