Europe Jose Mourinho: “Beating Dortmund? Yes, I still believe in a miracle! “

He still believes in it! And we must have faith! Real Madrid was beaten 4-1last week in the semifinals of the Champions League on the lawn of Borussia Dortmund (review the goals), but he still thinks being able to reverse the trend!

And it is Jose Mourinho the one announcing his departure who said that loud and clear. And even if he knows that Cristiano Ronaldo is recovering from his injury and news that he denied, claiming not having had sex with a bimbo on the eve of the match against Borussia Dortmund.

He has just confided to AFP:
“In football everything is possible. But the match of the first leg was so bad that we cannot expect anything if we reproduce the same match. “
It is clear that we must be particularly innocent and naive not to make any mistake on a player, Lewandowski, who scored 4 goals in twenty minutes when Cristiano (Ronaldo) himself has received five shots in the opening minutes. I am not doing here the apologia of the bad aggression, but of a mental aggression that is desirable. “
– With very few exceptions, the success is attributed to all, while failure is always due to the coach. It will be the same thing this time, if we do not reach the final, it will be my failure. “
– “Ronaldo? I can tell you that he is doing well. Arbeloa and Marcelo are our only injured. “
– “For contacts between Real and Ancelotti, I do not know, ask the club, not me.”

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