Club Cristiano Ronaldo-Jose Mourinho: the clash! “His future does not interest me!”

We know that their relations were very tense at the beginning of the season … But the elimination of Real Madrid narrowly against the Borrussia Dortmund on Tuesday night in the semifinals of the Champions League has been an opportunity to revive the tension between the two men.

CR7 has just confided: “I know I am loved by some clubs, including one… In Spain, things are different, some people hate me and many of them are in this room … The future of Mourinho does not interest”, said CR7 to reporters in the mixed zone. “What counts and interests it is Real Madrid and me.”

“I have two year contract. My extension does not preoccupy me at all. I want to continue winning anywhere. “

Rather tense atmosphere in Spain, but we could expect…

One thing is certain: Mourinho is happy to pack up…

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