Africa Cup of Algeria: the supporters of MC Alger denounce the boycott of medal ceremony!

MC Alger lost yesterday afternoon the cup of Algeria against USM of Rolland Courbis – See the story and the video of the goal-

But stupor late in the game, the defeated team did not take port in the medal ceremony.

All Mouloudia fans do not endorse, far from it they do not care!

The website has published the following statement:

“As the No. 1 website of Mouloudia fans and joining our voices to those of Mouloudia members of our website and our Facebook page as well as those found in the streets of Alger:

We, strongly condemn the shockingly disrespectful and unsporting of our technical and administrative staffs.

This breach of the Algerian people, of their representatives and the values of sports in general can in no way be accepted by Mouloudia supporters and should never be assumed by the last mentioned who are unfortunately powerless in front of these kidnappers who took hostage our club and its history.

We allow ourselves on behalf of our members to offer our sincere apologies to the Algerian people and we continue to aspire to a better future for the senior Algerian clubs, this Mouloudia which only hopes to have leaders at the height of those who founded it in 1921 and its valiant supporters.

Congratulations USMA



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