Caribbean Varane, the problem of Pepe according to Mourinho

On departure to Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho is no longer joking.

After the way out of his defender Pepe calling him to more respect for Iker Casillas, the Real Madrid coach, made a trench analysis about the situation of the Portuguese defender on Tuesday “It’s very simple to analyze what happens to Pepe. His problem has a name and it’s Raphael Varane, “Mourinho said.

According to him, “there is no need to be very smart to understand that we are talking about frustration. It is not easy for a man of 31 years of being pushed around by a youngster of 19 years. And it is a fantastic young, I had the courage to initiate. The problem is very simple. And from there, the sporting life of Pepe has changed. “

Not sure that Pepe will be the first choice of Mourinho to receive Malaga on Wednesday

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