athletics Diamond League / Usain Bolt: “I am in perfect shape”

After an early season somewhat mitigated due to a slight strain, Usain Bolt seems to regain his shape. The king of sprint is no longer worried about his hamstring. The six-time Olympic champion feels much better. The Jamaican has regained his fitness and does not worry about the meeting in Rome on Thursday. This meeting in the Italian capital accounts for the Diamond League.
“My hamstrings are much better, I’m feeling bad, I am physically fit and I do not think it will hinder me. I feel very good, I worked hard, speed, strength and departure, and I look forward to race again. I feel fit and I will run at my best. “
“We worked very hard for several weeks, but we’re going ahead and I think everything will get better. The season will be long; I do not think this race will give a trend. “


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