Egypt Mediterranean Games: The Pharaohs would like to reign in the basins

team_natation-300x76The 2013 Mediterranean Games will take place from June 20 to 30 at Mersin in Turkey.

Egyptian swimming intends to win this competition. To do this, Gabriel Mazurkiewicz, technical director of the Egyptian Swimming Federation has set to work to bring the Pharaohs on the roof of the Mediterranean. In an interview with Al-ahram weekly Gabriel Mazurkiewicz update on the new direction given to the discipline.

“I started work on the first day of the signing of my contract. I first started testing the junior and senior teams to form solid selections. Then, they were prepared for the important tournaments of the season. Despite the lack of time, the senior team has been able to make his first feat last April by performing at two tournaments of Swim Cup in Ireland and Belgium, the minima qualifying for the World Championships in Barcelona in July. 7 swimmers were qualified, including 5 men and 2 women. “

“I have not yet had sufficient time to achieve the goal of the season; the Mediterranean Games (JM) is my challenge. The competition is very tough with the presence of the best nations in the world. This is a competition where European countries will be represented with excellent teams. My second challenge is the World Championships in Barcelona in July. The competition at this level is also very tight. As for the junior selection, I give it a lot of attention, as the junior will form the basis of a strong selection in a few years. Win the title at the African Championships to be held in Egypt in October is another goal. My biggest challenge is the junior JM at the end of June and the World Championships in August. “

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