Brazil 2014 Mario Balotelli: her fiancée complicated the situation in Brazil! – Vidéo

mariioBrazil is on fire! Demonstrations multiply to denounce the exorbitant cost of the next world cup: 15 billion!

So, Fanny Neguesha took the opportunity to put a little more pressure!

Mario Balotelli bomb gave her first interview to the Brazilian channel “Globo” on the beach in Recife.

She even has a permanent bodyguard.

She has just given crispy small secrets about Mario Balotelli: “Mario cares too much when it comes to talk of family. I love Copacabana, Brazil … I get along very well with Mario Balotelli. Obviously, I prefer Italian to Brazilian men. Mario is very jealous. ”

It does not stop him from scoring goals with Italy during the Confederations Cup!


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