Africa Quote of the Day: Davenas “We have taken into account the apology of Sakho”

FOOTBALL - FRENCH CHAMP - L1 - PARIS SG TROPHY CEREMONYMamadou Sakho has been fined € 5 000 for intoning an anti-Marseille song during the celebration of the title of PSG. We can remember that Taye Taiwo from Marseille has scoped a match suspension for having sung an anti-Paris song.

Explanation of Laurent Davenas, Chairman: “Compared to the case Taiwo, we considered the immediate apology of Sakho. “
As for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he took no fine for his comments on arbitration, here is the statement of Davenas. “With regard to Ibrahimovic, we have to take into account both the freedom of opinion and criticism, which is a constitutional principle, but also the protection of referees. He made excessive statements and so we decided a call to order, which is the first of sanctions. “

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