Africa Image of the day : Drogba to Game 6 in Miami!

drogba1-300x224The Ivorian international Didier Drogba does not like only football. Galatasaray striker during his passage in Game 6 in Miami posed with Beinsport reporters. The picture posted on Twitter goes around the social networks.

Yes Drogba is well liked on the Internet by the Ivorians even if Ivory Coast thieves are not lenient with him. His Facebook page has been ranked first in the Top 10 of the most beloved pages in Ivory Coast.

With 5,305,091 fans among which 99,802 came from the Ivory Coast, the Elephant exceeds the French artist Lafouine the rap group Sexion D’Assaut and even the club of Chelsea. The statistics provided by the Techmissus site date of June 20, 2013 and are based on figures provided by Socialbakers.

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