Football Unusual: In Italy, baccalaureate candidates working on … Ibrahimovic!

125020-zlatan-ibrahimovic-sortira-en-fevrier-650x0-1-300x212Funny test for the Italians, baccalaureate candidates ….

Zlatan is definitely one of the personalities of the year 2013. The footballer never stops to make people talk of him. Then he made his entry into the Swedish dictionary with his now famous “Zlataner”, wrote a book and created many vocations among the younger, in school yards, the top scorer in Ligue 1 last season became the theme of a subject in baccalaureate 2013.

The students who chose Italian as their first language have a funny surprise by opening their topics, since the whole text turned around Zlatan with questions rather easy as: “Identify the job the Ibrahimovic? “Or a dissertation on:
“The Swede is on the verge of signing for Paris where he will win 14 million euros per year. Difficult to imagine how to spend all that money knowing that it represents 1,166,666 euros per month, 38,888 euros per day, 1,620 euros per hour, 27 euros per minute, or 50 cents per second How to spend 14 million? “

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