Africa Togo : Adebayor wants to work with Africa Top Sports for getting things alright

ats-adeThe Hawks of Togo captain Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi, following the launch of his SEA Foundation visited the premises of Africa Top Sports. After the photo shoot, and the discovery of the site, the Spurs striker has enjoyed the work being done and wants to work with Africa Top Sports to improve things.

“We’re on the field, and play. On the site of Africa Top Sports, I am very happy to see the brothers working. We’re all here to help each other. As we see our brothers are in the process of pushing us, help us, why not come and say a quick hello. “

“I think it went very well. I found good friends who took another path, that of journalism while we are decided to be footballers. And now, the artists as well as players need journalists to make things move. We’ll find a way to work together to get things alright”

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