Africa Leyti N’Diaye: the Senegalese is looking for a new club

l-om-renvoie-n-diaye-a-ajaccio-iconsport_dur_050211_05_2121839-300x200Nine years after his arrival in Marseille, Leyti N’Diaye leaves the Old Port. At the end of his contract, the OM club has not proposed to extend with the Senegalese. The defender who was loaned to Ajaccio this past season is actively looking for a club. On RMC, the former central defender of OM returned to his status of free player.
“I speak on my own and I expect my agent to find me something. This is the first time it happens, it is an experience, it is part of the job. I’m not disappointed at all. There is nothing concrete. My agent told me about France without giving names. I await the next proposal.

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