Africa Ramadan: Frederic Kanoute at the bedside of a paralyzed Muslim

frederic-300x169TheFranco-Malian  player, Frederic Kanoute has made a strong action in this period of Ramadan. As good Muslim, the player was sensitive to distress another young London Muslim, member of the Association of Muslim footballers. The player has expressed on his Twitter account his desire to assist financially Imran Adam, suffering from an irreversible cerebral palsy in order to observe Ramadan. “I need to contact Imran Adam in emergency Derby. I want to pay his extra care, “he said.

Adam welcomes the act of generosity of the former Malian international: “I realize I’m very lucky as a star like Frederic Kanoute was sensitive to my life. With his help, I’ll be able to fast this year. As Muslims, we are all part of the same family, and our relationship beyond borders is unique. “

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