Football PSG: Does Zlatan Ibrahimovic want to play with Edinson Cavani?

PS1059792-16960754-640-360-300x168G has spent € 64 million to bring the Uruguayan striker of Naples!Many people call it madness! Especially since it is said that Zlatan Ibrahimovic did not want to play with him. His agent would look still very actively on the side of Real Madrid or Manchester City! “Everyone wanted him, but he is with us,” said Nasser all happy with his pearl …

Meanwhile Cavani will wear number 9, the old player of Guillaume Hoarau made his show today:

“Naples will miss me, it will always be my city, I will always want to go back there! – It starts well! –

– “I am very motivated to learn French; the language will be used also in my personal life”. – He had just divorce Maria Soledad.

“I know about League 1 championships. I cannot wait to play there”

– “I hope Leonardo will recover quickly, he went through difficult things, but football needs this kind of star”. – In reference to his departure –

“I will give my best to bring what I can bring to this team.”

– “Very happy to be here, I come with a lot of desire and I want to win a lot of things.”

– “This appointment shows that our project is still going on, we want to become the best club in Europe.”

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