Barcelone Lionel Messi: “Neymar is a good guy”

leo-messi-20.955.446.s-300x191Between Lionel Messi and Neymar, there will be no rivalry. The four-time golden ball, who has already recognized the qualities of great player of Barcelona new recruit, spoke at a press conference on the arrival of the young Brazilian. Confident that they will form a great team, Messi put an end to rumors.

“Off the field, there is no problem; I know him a little, he is a good guy. He will bring a lot to the team, he is very strong. I do not know where this idea that Neymar and I could not get along with comes from” Messi said before adding:” Neymar is an incredible player and he comes from a team full of stars, I think that there will not be any problem to adapt (…) I hope that on the field everything will be ok for him. “

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