Africa Didier Six: The coach of Togo soon extended?

imageThe return of Didier Six in Lome to support the Hawks of Togo in the last qualifying match of the 2014 World Cup has puzzled many. And because the French technician had loudly proclaimed on June 22 his resignation. “I filed a breach of contract. I have not resigned “he explained again last Saturday, to our colleagues from Radio Frequence 1 (private channel in Togo).

So, Six is the anew coach and at the disposal of the FTF (Togolese Football Federation). The coach is back to the best sentiments and he may well lead the confrontation against the Leopards of DR Congo in September and also may not be his last on the bench of Togo. While his contract ends in January 2014, Didier Six was offered a contract extension from the FTF. “I was even surprised that the president of the FTF asked me to extend my contract until 2015,” said Didier Six.

At the same time, Hervé Agbodan, Communication Officer of the federation told the BBC: “Six went back to Europe, but he has already submitted a list of players who will play against the DR Congo to qualify for the World Cup and has agreed to stay for the last game. After the match, Togo will not play under Six because his contract expires in January and we’re already out of the race to reach the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. “…

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