Africa OM / Kassim Abdallah: “I need playing time”

abdallah-guingampKassim Abdallah, made a season more or less correct with Olympique de Marseille. Since the beginning of the recovery, the Comoros has made only one appearance in the Marseille group.

It was during the first day of League 1 against Guingamp.

Everything seems to indicate that the right side is not part of Elie Baup’s plans. During the pre-season training, the former Sedan evoked a possible departure this summer. In the columns of the weekly Le 10 Sport, Kassim Abdallah confirmed his desire to leave.

“I always want to leave but I am waiting. There is nothing in sight for now. It has nothing to do with the coach, it is not related to the fact that he did not trust me or not, but he has his team and I just need time to play … I am 26, I do not play, it’s complicated. I hope it will release before the end of the transfer window, either a loan or transfer matters little. My situation is a bit rigid and does not tell me to leave. “


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