Caribbean World Judo: Décosse will not bid farewell on another gold medal

décosseDisappointment for Lucie Décosse. In his last tournament the Guyanese will not bid farewell with another gold medal. The Ultramarine was defeated in the quarterfinals of the World Judo in Rio.

The Caribbean has been beaten in the category of less than 70 kg by the Colombian Yuri Alvear. The French 32-year bowed out on yuko against the 2009 world champion and bronze medalist at the 2012 Olympics that she had beaten in their three previous meetings.
After a great beginning in the competition, the world and Olympic champion will not be able to opt for a last world title. She will play the entry draft against the Brazilian Maria Portela. The triple world champion, who did not want to lose in the final, can still leave the world of judo with an ultimate medal, a bronze in the match for the 3rd place

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