Basket-ball Hungary: Serious accident of the female basketball team of Gyor, two coaches died

bus-300x142The women’s basketball team of Gyor was involved in a serious road accident on Saturday in Hungary. Peter Tapodi, the team manager and Fuzy Akos, the head coach have lost their lives, while 16 passengers suffered injuries of varying severity.

The accident was caused by another car that had crashed into the bus carrying the team Gyor. Wanting to avoid it, the bus driver derailed, causing the fall of the bus.

Natasa Kovacevic one of the players has been amputated to the knee.

Here is the team that traveled: the Americans Samantha Mackay, Daniella Diamond, the Serbians Natasa Kovacevic, Milica Ivanovic, the Hungarians Agnes Dobos, Anna Mansare, Kinga Penzes, Dora Koch, Noemi Czirjak, Krisztina Kovacs, Evelin Tullner, Anna Lakloth and Barbara Semsei.


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