Algeria Desertions to the Francophone Games: Security strengthened around accommodations

154_1327656703-300x123Many disappearances recorded in the 7th Francophone Games forced the organizers to announce Wednesday new safety measures. Maccario Bernard, director of JNCW said that the controls will be strengthened “around accommodation including student residences,” where competitors are lodged.

12 Congolese, 7 Djibouti and 6 Ivorians have taken off since the start of the Games. Despite this impressive figure, Maccario not want his event to be tainted by other disappearances of artists and athletes.

“We must keep things in perspective: the last twenty years, all major World sporting events know reach this type of situation,” he said.

Mahama Coulibaly, president of CSA, women basketball players club in the Ivorian is still nowhere to be found. “It’s early in the morning that I informed of the absence of these three players. I could not believe it because, as I said, there was no evidence of such an attitude. But after a few phone calls, we had to face the facts. And this was confirmed in the quarter-final win against France, “he said in an interview with

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