Africa Hatem Ben Arfa: “I have disappointed many people in recent years!”

ben-arfaHatem Ben Arfa, Newcastle’s French international talked long to France Football.

At age 26, he reported on his career, his mistakes, and the future:

“I still have plenty of time ahead. I am not going to make a report for the end of my career. I know some will still take me for a fool, but I still dream for example of the Golden Ball. I am convinced that this is still possible. “

Is it forbidden to dream? I disappointed a lot of people over the past years; I even annoyed a lot, undoubtedly. But these people were right since I was not that professional. I think I gradually changed as I moved. (…) In fact, I was not too grown up, I have long believed that I could take the ball and go through goals alone as when I was younger”.

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