Angola FIBA World Ranking (Men): Angola 1st African, Egypt biggest continental progress

fibaAs in the women’s world FIBA ranking, men’s basketball teams have been unveiled. No changes will be noted on the world stage. The USA (1) ahead of Spain (2nd), host of the next world championship, and Argentina (3rd).

The World’s Top 10 has not known many changes. The game of musical chairs can be noted there between Lithuania (4th) and Greece (5th), and between Australia (9th) and Brazil (10th). France, European champion, is ranked 8th.

Stationary position also for Angola, African champion. The first African nation in the ranking, Angola ranks 15th. Nigeria, 18th loss a row as well as the third African country, Tunisia (23rd). Host Afrobasket male 2013, Côte d’Ivoire (36th) won two rows , while Senegal the continental fifth loses four rows and ranks 41st in the World . The biggest increase in Africa was Egypt , finalist of Afrobasket 2013, won 14 places and ranks 46th in the world .

Twenty- three African countries are included in this classification including Burkina Faso which appeared at the 85th level with Liberia and Togo.

World Ranking

The ranking of African countries

1st Angola (15th) *

2nd Nigeria (15th)

3rdTunisia (23rd)

4th Côte d’ Ivoire (36th)

5th Senegal (41st)

6th Cameroon (43rd)

7th Egypt (46th)

8th Cape Verde (50th)

9th Central (55th)

10th Morocco (59th)

11th Mali (62)

11th Rwanda (62nd)

13th Mozambique (66th)

14th South Africa ( 74th )

15th Congo (77th)

15th Libya (77th)

17th Algeria (80th)

18th Madagascar (81st)

19th Chad ( 83)

19th Congo ( 83ex )

21st Burkina Faso (85th)

21st Liberia (85th)

21st Togo (85th)
*world ranking


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