Algeria World Cup 2014: Match schedules of African teams

Africans-in-the-world-cup-2014The final draw of World Cup Brazil 2014 as well as the match schedules were released by FIFA. But Africa Top Sports chose to underscore the match schedules of African teams qualified for the most prestigious football competition.

Only Groups A, C, F, G and H include the five nations (Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon and Algeria) to represent Africa in Brazil.
Check out the match schedules of African teams
Group A: Cameroon-Brazil-Mexico-Croatia
Cameroon vs Mexico        17-06-2014       Fortaleza
Cameroon vs Croatia         18-06-2014       Manaus
Cameroon vs Brazil            23-06-2014       Brasilia

Group C: Côte d’Ivoire-Clombia-Japan-Greece
Côte d’Ivoire vs Japan                14-06-2014       Recife
Côte d’Ivoire vs Colombia        19-06-2014        Brasilia
Côte d’Ivoire vs Greece              24-06-2014       Fortaleza

Group F: Nigeria-Iran-Bosnia-Herzegovina-Argentina
Nigeria vs Iran                                        16-06-2014        Curitiba
Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina        21-06-2014        Cuiaba
Nigeria vs Argentina                             25-06-2014       Porto Alegre

Group G: Ghana-USA-Germany-Portugal
Ghana vs USA                    16-06-2014            Natal
Ghana vs Germany          21-06-2014           Fortaleza
Ghana vs Portugal           26-06-2014           Brasilia

Group H: Algeria-Belgium-Russia-Korea Republic
Algeria vs Belgium                        17-06-2014        Belo Horizonte
Algeria vs Korea Republic         22-06-2014        Porto Alegre
Algeria vs Russia                           26-06-2014         Curitiba




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