Football Club World Cup 2013: Ronaldinho sent off following a very naughty gesture-Video

mas118-1221-2013-191419-high-jpgRonaldinho did not play until the end of the match for third place at the FIFA Club World Cup.

The Brazilian star was sent off two minutes to the end of the normal time after a very ugly gesture. While Mineiro and Guangzhou were tied 2-2, Ronnie was victim of a foul.

The referee blows his whistle and awards a free kick to Atletico Mineiro. But Ronaldinho did not intend to stop there. Still on the ground, the former Barcelona gives a kick to his antagonist. The match official did not hesitate before showing him a red card.

Expulsion ultimately without consequence since teammate Luan handed the upper hand to Mineiro a few minutes later. See all goals.

See the action


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