Europe Barcelona stopped despite the return of Lionel Messi!

Messi-loss-GettyDisappointment for FC Barcelona that in a very tight match had to settle for a draw last night on the lawn of Atletico Madrid.

And this despite the return of Lionel Messi who was sparkling last Wednesday in Spanish Cup – two goals in the last minute.

FC Barcelona coach, Gerardo Martino simply takes pride in the point won “in a football viewpoint, we went with a significant improvement after two defeats. Reaching halfway with 50 points is a very good production. We have not always been excellent in football at the level of results. This match will make us stronger, because we saw the need to be able to suffer some games and then enjoy later.

Considering we played against a team that has never lost at home and we had opportunities to win, I think it’s good. We do not justify this result but we have nothing to reproach ourselves. It was a huge effort of concentration, especially at the scorings on free kicks (…) opportunities were very limited. We played a very serious game in defense and we lacked the speed in attack. “

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