Football Mario Balotelli: He brawls with a TV presenter

717261-mario-balotelliMario Balotelli has definitely not stopped making people talk of him. And if it is not on the ground, it is outside.

While many observers have not stopped condemning the obscene manner in which he celebrated his goal against Cagliari during the victory of AC Milan last Sunday, the striker of Ghanaian origin who made another bad show as he got involved in a fight that occurred in a nightclub. The information is given by Gazzetta dello Sport that indicates that the center forward of Milan has been involved in a brawl with Francesco Facchinetti , an Italian TV presenter at Byblos, a nightclub in the city.

But more fear than hurt. After hanging for several minutes, the two men were released thanks to the intervention of the security of the institution.

Because of his behavior, Balotelli had already been suspended three games during the season. Not a sufficient reason for a boy so restless as to oblige Milan to consider putting a policeman behind him. Moreover, the Italo – Ghanaian had already hit a cameraman a few months ago.

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