Football Jose Mourinho eyes the title next year with Chelsea!

Inter Milan's manager Mourinho celebrates after their Champions League final soccer match victory  against Bayern Munich in MadridAs Africa Top has reported, Manchester City who took the head of the PL last week for the first time in years just fell at home against Chelsea!

So, Arsenal took the lead of the English championship with 55 points. Manchester City and Chelsea are second with 53 points!

This promises a special end of season!

It’s Ivanovic who scored the only goal of the match.

Eto’o who found the bar late in the first period could have brought the score to 2-0.

Last night we noted the reaction of Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho: “The whole team is involved. Ba has played a minute but allowed us to keep the victory by pushing a very dangerous corner by the head. He plays a minute, but he was crucial as the others. My kids have released a great game. But for the title, it will be hard … we will see what will happen next season. Our two wins over City give us confidence for it.”

It was still hard to believe…


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