Football José Mourinho: First owner of a Jaguar E-Type Coupé

590x267xJaguar-F-Type-Coupe-Mourinho.jpg,Mic.MwoeB_khWk.jpg.pagespeed.ce.627ByKjp2JAmbassador of the Jaguar brand, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, has been handed the keys of a Jaguar E-Type Coupé. A brand that is the latest made by British manufacturer. The Special One will become the first owner of this fireball which will be given in March. The car does not cost less than 75,000 Euros.

The Portuguese coach, who has already tested the Jaguar going to workouts with, said he has made players jealous. “I made my players jealous as I went drove it to the training,” he said at the evening of the presentation of the craft.


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