Football Didier Six: “Adebayor? One of the best strikers in the world”

Didier+Six+tYdGLSUYH_tmThe former coach of Togolese Hawks, Didier Six has not missed to highly praise Emmanuel Adebayor when it came to refer to the current form of the Togo striker with Tottenham. The in-form striker who has netted 8 goals in 11 games since his comeback with the Spurs received the congratulations of the French technician.

“Every time he almost scored, he was decisive … Emmanuel is a great player, he has his character, but he is one of the best strikers in the world “, Six told Jeune Afrique. Adebayor had to wait for the departure of Andre Villas- Boas for a starting spot this season. A situation Didier Six esteems to have really helped the player: “He took his misfortune patiently, knowing that his time would come. He’s a real pro, I think he has always trained seriously”.

Relations between Emmanuel Adebayor and Didier Six have not always been rosy. During Afcon 2013, Adebayor did not hesitate to criticize the French manager, saying he had not been “an asset ” after elimination in the quarterfinals against the Burkina Faso ( 0-1).

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