Football Cigarette and beer bottle after a game: the controversal picture of Kevin-Prince Boateng

boafum-300x169This is a cliché worthy of Mario Balotelli. We have already seen many times the bad boy of Italian football with a cigarette in hand or drinking. This time it is one of those former teammates, also known as a bad boy of world football. Kevin- Prince Boateng (former AC Milan) making headlines since a photo shows him smoking with a beer bottle at his side after a game.

The case dates back to February 15 as Schalke 04 has obtained a great victory over Bayern Leverkusen 2-1. We can see the Ghanaian quiet in the process of his dispaly. The problem here is that, he is said to have shortly undergone an anti- doping control before doing this. But not enough to offend the leaders of Schalke 04.

Horst Heldt, the club manager confirms he was allowed a beer after a game to allow the player to urinate more easily for his anti -doping control after 90 minutes exercise. For the cigarette, it is one of the sinful pleasures of the former Dortmund who always blows smokes after a victory.

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