athletics Oscar Pistorius case: a key witness threatened?

w2-pistorius-a-20140304-870x593Third day of the hearing in the trial of Oscar Pistorius, the first Paralympic athlete to compete in two Olympic Games. Accused of killing his girlfriend on 14 February 2013, the South African has pleaded not guilty. And judgment may be long and very long.

Tuesday, Charl Johnson, a key witness in the matter complained of having received harassing phone calls just before testifying at the trial Wednesday.

“I turned off my phone and when I turned back, there was a large number of missed calls and a voicemail message left by a person from abroad. He told me why you lie in court. We know that Oscar did not kill Reeva, this is not cool, go guy, and something I cannot remember but in a bully tone,” he has said.

Oscar Pistorius risks 25 years in prison if convicted.

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