Africa Caf Cup: Saturday matches’ results

CAF-Confed-Cup-Logo~36This is one of the surprises of the weekend. The Zimbabwean club dominated by How Mine (3-1) in games of the first phase of the Confederations Cup played last weekend, imposed a severe correction (5-1) to St Michel Utd Saturday.

ASEC for their turn kept the momentum despite the draw (1-1) against CO Bamako. Remember that the Ivorian club won (2-0) during the first leg.

Zesco, How Mine, Bayelsa and ASEC qualified for the rest of the competition.

The results of Saturday, March 8

Zesco Utd (ZAM) 1-0 Ferroviario Beira (MOZ)

Zesco qualified

St Michel Utd (SEY) 3-1 How Mine (ZIM)

How Mine qualified

Bayelsa Utd (NGR) 2-0 Kondzo (CGO)

Bayelsa qualified

ASEC (CIV) 1-1 CO Bamako (MLI)

ASEC qualified

Maghreb Fes (MAR) 2-1 Medeama (GHA)

Medeama qualified

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